Eco-nomical Coffins

Are you looking to find a coffin that is competitively priced and good for the environment? Then you are in the right place - Welcome to Eco-nomicalCoffins.

The environment and climate change are now, more than ever, at the front of people’s minds when they are making purchasing decisions. That is why it is important that in all aspects of life and death we choose suppliers with a proven track record in sustainability.

Recently there has been a trend in buying woven and alternative coffins – as these are seen to be more environmentally friendly than the traditional wooden coffins. However, did you know that many wicker coffins come from Eastern Europe and some even come from as far away as the Far East? So although you may consider these materials to be environmentally friendly, in fact their carbon footprint is significantly increased because of the transportation required to bring them to the U.K.

Eco-nomicalCoffin providers use U.K. suppliers, they are all manufactured in the U.K. and are fully compliant with all regulations, giving you complete piece of mind that the coffin you are buying really is good for the environment and is cost effective.

Doesn’t that limit my choice? No! Due to the nature of the materials and processes we use we can offer a wide range of styles and finishes to meet your desires and budget.

The National Association of Funeral Directors Environmental Advisory group has produced these two documents dispelling the myth about Cardboard and chipboard coffins. Please click on the images below to find out more.


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